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Server Management | Web Coding | WebSite Design

Website design, Code development & server management

Tired of all the hassles of running your website or server? just don't have enough time? Let us manage your web for you we manage and customize server environments for both Windows and Linux and can build applications for forums, forms, web mail, webpages custom scripts and coding. We will even design and build you a Unique and custom site in an easy to use template format!

 - Windows server management services -
We manage your server software anything from services such as
Active Directory, IIS, FTP to DNS and Microsoft applications like Exchange server (SMTP, OWA or "Outlook Web Access", POP and IMAP), Sharepoint Portal and Sharepoint services. Dotnoc specializes in the integration of Sharepoint and Exchange services.

Dotnoc support Microsoft Windows 2003 server and 2000 server.
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 - Linux server management services -
Linux and open source software is our specialty from building web applications in PHP to customizing and deploying open source software such as bulletin boards, calendar applications and group collaboration utilities. Dotnoc can manage and support your linux server environment for Apache, PHP, FTP, IMAP, POP almost all MTA such as sendmail, Qmail and Postfix; MySQL and Postgres databases.

Dotnoc supports most major Linux vendors such as Debian, Redhat, Fedora, Mandrake, Suse and Slackware.

Redhat Fedora

 - Website coding services -
Dotnoc has experienced website coders located in Vancouver British Columbia and North America. All coding services are done professionally in North America. We can develop web sites and online applications in:

Programming Languages to support your websites:
¤ CGI and Perl
¤ Java, Javascript
¤ ASP and .NET

Database driven applications:
¤ Postgres

More on Website development coding

 - Effective and easy to navigate web design services -
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Website design solutions & services

Let us manage and design your website or websites for you, anything from shopping carts, storefronts, corporate sites, business sites, personal and family sites, forums, forms, mail, webpages custom scripts applications and coding. We will even design and build you a Unique and custom website customized to your business.. Take advantage of our highly skilled Web Developers and give us a call now!

Website Design Services:
¤ Site design and updates
¤ Site development
¤ Script installation and development
¤ Macromedia Flash sites
¤ Custom online applications
¤ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
¤ Website Hosting
¤ Custom Solutions Available!

Website Design Solutions:
¤ Web Application development
¤ Application integration
¤ Custom applications
¤ Inventory Management
¤ Group Collaboration tools
¤ Content Management tools
¤ E-Commerce applications
¤ Backend and database applications
¤ Portal applications
¤ Adverting Tracking, Subscription Management, Survey/Poll, calendars, message boards, blogs, classified ads, Web based email, and more.

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